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June 30, 2021


This is unlike anything I've yet come across in the Myxomycete group. It appears to have characteristics of multiple genera and I can not attribute them to any one in particular.

All help in identifying welcome!


Sporocarps 2mm in height, stalk approximately half of that height. Sporotheca globose with slight umbilicum at base, and bronze in colour, often with metallic sheen. Some have stripes radiating from the stalk to 1/3 or 1/2 way up the sporotheca.

Sporocarps have a thin peridium which dehisces in stellate way, leaving a membranous 'star shape' behind. Spore mass is olive green.

Columella bulbous, small.

Capillitium consists of broad, flat, transparent, ribbon-like bands. Occasionally they branch, but usually just straight and long with blunt (squarish) ends.

Spores measure around 12um. They are mostly yellow with a green tinge, but there is some variation in both colour and size. Ornamented with irregular warts.