Plaxiphora murdochi

Description 1

Uncommon, 16 to 20mm long, 11.5 to 13mm wide. Plates are covered by a pattern of fine wrinkles. It has a narrow skirt/girdle of small triangular scales that is quite thick. Plates have a dark-green base colour with front to back darker lines. Occasionally some plates may be white or have white patches. Bathams card 1631 says "Distinctive features: Blue lines on lateral area of valves"

Distribution 1

Under stones near low tide zone on open coasts. North Island west coastline, Otago Peninsula, South Island.

References 1

New Zealand Mollusca, Marine Land and Freshwater Shells, A W B Powell, 1979
Bathams card 1631

Synonyms 1

Aerilamma murdochi (Reeve, 1847)

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  1. (c) Tony Wills, some rights reserved (CC BY-SA)

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Depth intertidal
Places North Island, South Island