Photographing Praying Mantis


What You Should Photograph 7

There are two distinct praying mantis found in New Zealande, the New Zealand Praying Mantis Orthodera novaezealandiae and the South African Praying Mantis Miomantis caffra.
The NZ praying mantis are the first three photos above, which show the shape of the body, the distinct blue spot on the inner leg and the egg case.

The SA praying mantis (last three photos) has a narrow body, no spots on the inner leg and the egg case with the distinct ridge.

You need to photograph the body shape and the innder legs if possible.

Tweaking Photos 7

Check out the General Guide for Tweaking Photos for tips on how to:

  • Sharpen photos
  • Lighten photos
  • Fix washed out photos
  • Crop Photos

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