1323 thumb Introduced Birds of New Zealand

A guide to the bird species that were brought to New Zealand and accidentally or purposefully liberated and have formed self sustaining populations.

This list is based on the list of "Introduced and Naturailsed" birds from DOC publication ...more ↓

African Collared-Dove 1
Streptopelia roseogrisea
3043933366 a055592b88 m
Australian Magpie 2
Gymnorhina tibicen
Australian Brown Quail 3
Coturnix ypsilophora australis
California Quail 4
Callipepla californica
Canada Goose 5
Branta canadensis
240px cereopsis novaehollandiae 2
Cape Barren Goose 6
Cereopsis novaehollandiae
3548592375 11ab0b7409 m
Chaffinch 7
Fringilla coelebs
2580070994 2796904384 m
Chukor 8
Alectoris chukar
240px cirl bunting cropped
Cirl Bunting 9
Emberiza cirlus
725489658 e5a7f9423a m
Common Mynah 10
Acridotheres tristis
240px paonroue
Common Peafowl 11
Pavo cristatus
240px lesser redpoll (acanthis cabaret) (13667838704) crop
Common Redpoll 12
Acanthis flammea
2944416166 6874f32ca2 m
Crimson Rosella 13
Platycercus elegans
Domestic Chicken (feral) 14
Gallus gallus domesticus
6359523965 8a1a93f643 m
Domestic Pigeon (feral) 15
Columba livia domestica
Dunnock 16
Prunella modularis
2499168562 8a3ea53b5b m
Eastern Rosella 17
Platycercus eximius
3562375247 46bbc9c240 m
Eurasian Blackbird 18
Turdus merula
Eurasian Goldfinch 19
Carduelis carduelis
240px greenfinch (carduelis chloris) m
European Greenfinch 20
Chloris chloris
3705789017 d1cb23847d m
Galah 21
Eolophus roseicapilla
240px greylag goose swimming (anser anser)
Greylag Goose 20
Anser anser
240px galinha d'angola (numida meleagris)
Helmeted Guineafowl 22
Numida meleagris
240px passer domesticus male (15)
House Sparrow 23
Passer domesticus
6973878446 72e48df5a6 m
Laughing Kookaburra 24
Dacelo novaeguineae
Little Owl 25
Athene noctua
2693516589 5b8d9fed79 m
Mallard 26
Anas platyrhynchos
240px cygnus olor matsue vogel park
Mute Swan 27
Cygnus olor
240px phasianus colchicus 2 tom (lukasz lukasik)
Ring-necked Pheasant 28
Phasianus colchicus
240px corvus frugilegus 2
Rook 29
Corvus frugilegus
240px alauda arvensis 2
Skylark 30
Alauda arvensis
Song Thrush 31
Turdus philomelos
1843139040 5287e7baa0 m
Spotted Dove 10
Streptopelia chinensis tigrina
240px toulouse   sturnus vulgaris   2012 02 26   2
Starling 32
Sturnus vulgaris
240px cacatua galerita at the victory memorial gardens
Sulphur-crested Cockatoo 33
Cacatua galerita
Turkey (feral) 34
Meleagris gallopavo
2283085532 f899d01d9d m
Yellowhammer 35
Emberiza citrinella

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