September 16, 2020

Braving the Smoke

Life in Moscow has been an adventure the last week, the smoke has made the sky a depressing shade of brown gray and there is little sunshine that can cut through the thick smoke that the rageing fires up and down the West coast of the United States has created. We have been staying inside as much as we can. I have only been out a couple times this weekend, to get geroceries and to go to physical therapy. I did make it out to once when the smoke wasn't as bad as it had been but it hadn't gotten much better. The trees and other plants, cars and houses are covered in ash, the same ash that is filling the air. I took my roommate Stella with me and we went out to see if we could find anything. I found some Purple Coneflowers and I think it is a Bicolored Striped Seat Bee but I am only guessing, and I got some good pictures, but the other pictures that I tried to take didn't turn and out and we couldn't stay out too long, since that isn't a healthy choice right now. I would like to say that it was all great, but even as it was the smoke put a damper on everything.

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August 28, 2020

A Memorable Experience

This Summer I worked here in Moscow helping the Weed science department. One day we where asked to go out and spray what was thought to be an underground Wasps nest. When we got out there, it turned out that this wasn't a Wasps nest at all. We didn't know what it was so we started asking questions, like which kinds of bees burrow into the ground? Are they agressive? and do we need to remove them?

It was a really fun day at work that resulted in learning about Sunflower Chimney Bees!

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