2019-01-11, Canebrake Wash and Mouth of GBC, Canebrake Area, San Diego County, US

Today’s Survey Highlights:
• The tiny, delicate Astragalus nuttallianus var. cedrocensis in flower.
• Eremothera refracta with a few open flowers (usually open at dusk and are closed at this late morning observation time).
• First flowering Mohavea confertiflora of the Season.
• First flowering Eucrypta micrantha of the Season.
• First flowering Diplacus bigelovii var. bigelovii of the Season.
• Many Neogaerrhinum filipes [Antirrhinum f.] in bud. I so enjoy this little vine (twines with its pedicel).
See https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/19597808

I posted 84 iNat observations of 76 species today (the most in a day, so far).
They begin here https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/19591478

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