2019-01-23, Ella Wash - Palo Verde Wash Loop, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, San Diego County, California, US

Today's Survey Highlights:
• 2 plants of Erodium texanum with fresh, 5-petal flowers. We rarely see this species in flower, and when we do see it, there are often fewer than 5 petals on the flower.
I love the leaves on this species. They may be my favorite desert plant leaves. I think Erodium texanum is “Charismatic Microflora.”
• A white-lined sphinx moth (Hyles lineata) resting on the sand.
• Cryptantha barbigera var. barbigera growing next to C.b. var. fergusoniae—both in flower.
• I found Acmispon maritimus var. brevivexillus in Palo Verde Wash. This was a new species for our entire Borrego Badlands Flora.

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