2019-02-01, Truckhaven Rocks Wash, Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, San Diego County, California, US

My Highlights Today:
• 99+ Erodium texanum. I love this species. The leaves are just about my favorite desert species leaves. I call this species a “Charismatic Microflora”.
• I found 1 Bouteloua aristida var. aristida to add to our previous 2 in this flora. I am drawn to this grass genus (Bouteloua). I seem to have an ability to find Bouteloua in the field.

The last time we did a botanical survey (2016) of this area was when the plants that had germinated were very small. It was fun today to see this area when enough rain (and the timing of the rain) resulted in this proliferation of annuals. It is peak bloom here. Lovely.

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