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September 16, 2020

Collection at Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute-11 Sep 2020

conditions were cool at about 16 degrees C and collections were made from a period of 7:45-9:45 using both hand gathering and blacklighting. The location of this journal was the hillside of the Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute. Some of the arthropods collected included Camel Cricket, Bronze ground beetle, and bronzed Cutworm Moth. The habitat appears to be mostly native grassland although portions of it are disturbed ground that lend themselves to plants such as dandelion. most of the surrounded grasses and some Aster species have already dried down, but plants in the mowed section of the habitat are still green. Characteristics of plants found near insects: there seemed to be more broadleaved plants near where insects were collected although this is probably largely coincidence; some of the mowed areas where more insects were had plants with prostrate growth habits; the majority of plants near collections have already flowered and gone to seed. Plants posted to inaturalist: common mallow, perennial Ryegrass, buckhorn plantain, mullein.

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