March 15, 2020

Washed up Tuatua

Was at Waitarere Beach on Fri 13 March 2020. South of the main boat ramp and at the waters edge there were quite a lot of dead Tuatua. Certainly more than you would find on the "average" beach. Cause of death is unknown.

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November 06, 2019

Some of my printed reference books

Wild Flowers of Britain and Northern Europe' 3rd Ed 1978.

A guide to the identification of New Zeland Common Weeds in colour - compiled by E.A. Upritchard. (reprinted in 1993)

Native Animals of New Zealand - A.W.B. Powell 3rd ed 1987 (reprinted in 1993)

Many of the series of 'A photographic guide to . . . . . . ' All NZ related. All published by New Holland Publishers.

Nature Guide to the New Zealand Forest - Dawson and Lucas (Ed1 reprinted 2003)

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