October 13, 2021

Research on Turkey-tail

Turkey tail mushroom contains compounds that are beneficial for human health. Due to being rich in antioxidants and containing phenols and flavonoids, this type of fungi are of high benefit for reducing oxidative stress and inflammation. Also, another interesting implication of this mushroom is that it can inhibit the growth of human cancer cells, leading to an anticancer effect and boosting immune function in people with some types of cancer. However, consuming turkey tail could be coupled with certain side effects such as darkening of the fingernails. Another interesting finding about turkey tail is its effect on obesity. Research suggests that protein-bound beta-glucan (PBG) found in turkey tail can help to prevent obesity.

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September 20, 2021

Journal Entry- Pale Jewelweed

One of the plants I observed was Pale Jewelweed. It is a flowering plant native to Canada and US. Pale Jewelweed is related to the more common Impatiens Capensis, but with yellow flowers. The ancestor to all impatiens is Balsaminaceae, which itself comes from Ericales. The pale Jewelweed species goes back to Impatiens Aurea which itself stems from Impatiens Minor being ancestor to 16 species.

The pale jewel has a bright yellow color, and it is very eye catching. Although it is beautiful and intriguing to pick, it has an adaptation trait called “touch-me-not” to avoid being picked. This behavior is a predator avoidance mechanism and therefore increase the chance of survival.

All the observations were made in Montreal. Cold-adapted plants can grow and continue their life cycle under low temperatures. One common adaptation of all these plants is that they all can resist harsh climates. They all need Moist soil, and they are all easy-care plants and don’t need special assistance to grow. Also, they all are green in leaves, because of the chlorophyll which helps in the process of photosynthesis.

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