January 01, 2020

Trillium and Elephant Ears to bring in New Year's

Happy New Year!

I have been missing out on iNaturalist, the posts are amazing and make me want to get outdoors. Holidays are certainly not fun for all if you feel overwhelmed, just go outside and look around. Hopefully, you're near some sort of natural area, or you see a tree, a dog, or maybe a squirrel? For me, its plants, and seeing a colleague recently post some beautiful photos of Trillium in bloom set me off. I had to find this, the "Ephemeral, Spring bloomer" with the weirdly colored leaves. Somehow I always miss the flowering time, I was able to find a small population in Loblolly Woods on my way out and it changed my mood immediately. I was asked if I was alright eventually as I excitedly crouched into bushes carefully tiptoeing over to snap some pics. Beautiful plants.

I think I'll go make more observations...

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