December 31, 2021

12/28/21 MACRO LENS

(Written; 12/30/21, Edited; 12/31/21)

today is an incredible day because my first three MAJOR purchases as a mycologist came in the mail: a tripod, a macro lens and a UV light. i have been doing a lot of discovering and rediscovering as i journey through this depressing weather, macro clip clipped onto my fingerless gloves and my backpack barely holding everything inside.

another thing i am super excited to be photographing with the lens and the light are bugs and critters like newts, snails and slugs. i was able to photograph spring tails and that was a discovery all in itself. (their small pink/blue/purple bodies were shimmering in the light as they walked and hopped about.) i have yet to come across anything other than those guys and ants, but there are possible opportunities for me to find some more friends in the near future.

even though the equipment doesn't make me any more of a mycologist than i was seconds before these boxes were in my hands, i do feel a bit more official and like i'm not missing out on some small things inside of this community. it is such a privilege to be able to see everyone's macro photography, but an even bigger one to be a part of the sharing.

the tiny world we are so unfortunate to never see has blown my mind into smithereens and as I venture deeper into a world of macro, you can guarantee that you see so many lichen photos. the perfect natural circles are more than amazing and soon, hopefully, i can get my hands on a good book or two about lichen, and macro life.

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November 16, 2021


Hello! My name is Jasmine Smith and I am a woman in my early twenties exploring the world around me to create peace within myself. At first I was just happy to get outside, and found it quite amazing that over time our feet created paths we soon would call trails. But something in me wanted to go deeper, and learn just what exactly I was looking at. It could be an insect, a leaf, a mushroom, or all of that in one. As I grew closer to the forest, the mulch chips and the rain, I started to recognize plants, insects and families of trees.

I have been looking (forever) for an app that helps me record my journey outside. As you can probably tell, I like to be able to write extensively about the things I post as well. As someone diagnosed with ADHD, it is critical for me to record important information or I will unfortunately forget. I am finally giving this one a real genuine try. Any tips, tricks or pointers are all welcome, as I'd love to be experts like all of you!

My account will mostly be fungus, but I love to try to observe insects, plants and marine bio as well.

Thanks for taking the time to read my rambling nonsense.

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