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February 19, 2020

Field Journal 1

For the first field journal, I went to Oakledge Park. The time was around 4:30, nearing sunset on February 17, 2020. It is relatively warm out considering it is the middle of February, 30 degrees and barely any wind.
I went to the open beach area that has woods on either side. Five mallards flew down near me almost right when I got there, including three males and two females. They did not seem too bothered by me while they were feeding. Their wings appeared pretty wide and set them back as they landed in kind of a loop pattern. I also saw two rock pigeons who also have pretty broad wings for their size and were pointed. The rock pigeons were perched on top of a nearby building. The shape of the birds' wings can really affect the flight style. The shape and size of the wings depend on what the birds' needs are to survive, whether they have to glide or dive and what habitat they prefer.
Certain bird species have specific flight patterns which can help identify it. Their wing type affects their flight pattern, which are used by different bird species. Since I saw these birds around sunset, it may have been time for them to eat, which I saw the Mallards doing. I also saw quite a few birds flying over the lake but they were too far away to identify. I may have seen more birds if I went down one of the trails in the woods where there are more bird habitats.

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