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May 11, 2024

Tūpari reserve walk, Kaituna Valley, Banks Peninsula.

The Canterbury Botanical Society visit to former farmland recently set aside to naturally regenerate back to forest. Mikimiki Conservation Trust purchased 400 hectares for conservation. Two trustees, Megan and Mark took the group for a walk through tall forest, regenerating shrubland, rocky volcanic outcrops, and old pasture.

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May 19, 2024

Omahu Bush Reserve

A Sunday morning walk in Omahu Bush Reserve

Grey and cloudy

There was

A lichen with long pale stems and delicate antler shaped branches
INaturalist suggested it to be in the Genus Stereocaulon - foam or snow lichens

Raoulia glabra
Growing on a bank. I did not know what it was until Inat gave the answer. It may not be correct.
A diminutive treasure

White climbing rātā, Metrosideros diffusa
Growing up a Pseudowintera colorata and a rocky bank
I did misidentify this as Metrosideros perforata. Metrosideros perforata has fine glandular spots (especially evident on leaf undersides) and rounder leaves.
I would like to see it when in flower as it was wide spread in this area

Myrsine australis, Māpou
An endemic shrub in the family Primulaceae
Bright red twigs bearing wavy yellow-green leaves

Blechnum penna-marina, little hard fern

I will look out for Raoulia glabra next time I am in this area and must remember to bring my book about ferns to help me identify and learn.

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May 26, 2024

Omahu Reserve Walk

A chilly, sunny and windy day.

The ground was wet and slippery in places due to the rain earlier in the week and fallen leaves.

The first interesting thing we found was small bonnet mushrooms growing at head height as an epiphyte in Fuchsia excorticata

Anaphalioides bellidioides which I have not seen on Banks Peninsula before

Cortinarius rotundisporus mushroom - Common name - Elegant blue webcap

A lichen- I think in the family Lobariaceae growing on the volcanic rock, lime green with white undersides

Today I used the tramping poles my husband bought for me they were helpful on the slippery ground and walking uphill. My physiotherapist also recommended that I use them as I broke my radius bone head in my arm earlier this year and it would be good exercise and stop my hand from swelling up on long walks.

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May 30, 2024