Missing AL Plants

Species included in APA checklist, with zero iNat observations - breakdown by genus:

80 Carex
30 Rhynchospora
27 Eleocharis
27 Dichanthelium
25 Crataegus
22 Cyperus
19 Solidago
14 Xyris
14 Quercus
13 Juncus
11 Symphyotrichum
11 Eragrostis
11 Agalinis
10 Hypericum
10 Asplenium
10 Andropogon
9 Sporobolus
9 Ranunculus
9 Oenothera
8 Urochloa
8 Physalis
8 Paspalum
8 Paronychia
8 Panicum
8 Helianthus
7 Viola
7 Potamogeton
7 Isoetes
7 Galium
7 Bromus

Total = 1347 species included in APA, unobserved on iNat. Some of the absences are simply nomenclature diffs between the two lists, many are difficult taxa to find or id by photo.

There are 980 vascular plant taxa in iNat (AL, all observations) not included in the APA checklist. Again, accepted name differences and cultivated plants explain most of these, but there are some species found by iNat community that could be legitimate additions to the AL flora. Could probably redo this comparison with research grade obs. only.

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