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December 24, 2020

Dive #450 - Keel Cove Dive - 18 December 2020

Highlights: Cockrell's Dorid, multiple Grunt Sculpins, 3 wee little baby Puget Sound King Crabs, a rockfish covered in interesting parasites, a nudibranch with a scaleworm, a Coryphella verrucosa missing half the tubercles, a cabezon decked out in Christmas colours, a butterfly crab, and sea lions.

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December 29, 2020

Dives #451 & 452 - China Creek - 27 December 2020

Dive 1 to migrant ship wreck, dive 2 to boom boat and wall. Camera housing leaked both dives, so photos only above 50 ft. Camera shut off below. Top 10ft was freshwater and cold AF.

Highlights included 3 juvenile wolf eels (2 out and about - one shot out under an oar I picked up; 1 tucked into a crevice but very curious), 2 grunt sculpins (including one out and about on the boom boat), 2 decorated warbonnets (1 on boom boat, 1 in boot sponge with eggs). 2 bat stars (too deep for leaking camera). 2 batwing sea angels. The biggest armed hermit crab I've ever seen, in a moonsnail shell. A school of yellow tail rockfish that would come up and school around me. Lingcod with eggs at 67ft. Green sea urchin with a wooden bo.

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