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January 19, 2021

Dive #455 - Elliott Beach - 8 January 2021

Night dive at Elliott, 27ft max The tide was way out. Beautiful stars out overhead. Lots of spot prawns and dock shrimp, including many shedded casings (zombie army? haha). Opalescent inshore squid to start, padded sculpin, pacific cod, snailfish, two little red octopus, a baby sunflower star, several pregnant red rock crabs, one red rock digging a hole in the sand and using its claw arm like a bulldozer, high cockscomb, and lots of YOY herring in less than 5 ft of water at the end. I took out my reg and switched to my snorkel. They didn't like the exhale.

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Dive #456 - Wall Beach - 10 January 2021

Day dive at Wall Beach to see if the lingcod eggs are around yet (they are not). Highlights: a sea star hanging on like a rock climber, 4 brown rockfish, 1 black rockfish (first I've seen on this side of the island), tiger rockfish, 2 GPO friends within a few meters of each other, butterfly crab.

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Dive #457 - Clarke Rock - 16 January 2021

Day dive to Clarke Rock. Wicked surface current to start that cleared up once we got under. Dropped down the chain right to the two GPO buddies who've lived within a few meters of each other for the last few months. Big middens outside of both dens. White-lined tubeworm out on a rock, another GPO. Copper rockfish with a tail fin sticking out of its mouth (would later see it again, being dive-bombed by other Coppers looking for a bite). Normal blood star and a rigid blood star (Henricia aspera). A really white GPO that J found, but interrupted by three Stellers. Finally one wolf eel, with a nice big grin. A mosshead warbonnet in an old scallop shell. Red dorid. Rhino crab. A few green sea urchins with nice hats.

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Dive #458 - Charlaine - 16 January 2021

On the way back from Clarke Rock, J and I decided to look for hooded nudis before taking Radio Flyer out of the water. Sure enough, they were on the eel grass just off the boat launch. There was also a mollusc of some kind in the background of a photo I'm curious about.

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