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February 02, 2021

Dive #459 - Madrona Small Wall - 20 January 2021

Beautiful night for a dive, with bright stars above. Fantastic critter spotting as we swam very slowly along the wall. Bay pipefish, several smallish Red Irish Lords, 4 barnacle nudibranchs (!), small cockscombs (one slender and one high, I think), spotted leopard dorids, some beautifully decorated graceful crabs, two mosshead warbonnets, 3 Buffalo sculpins all in the same meter square, 3 painted greenlings of increasingly smaller sizes within a 1/2m square, Thick-horned Nudi, Nanaimo Dorid, super curious and photogenic young orange wolf eel, small PSKC, two GPOs, kelp greenling dad guarding well-developed and mostly hatched eggs, sailfin sculpin, 2 mosshead warbonnets, heart crab, sunflower star, two grunt sculpins on eggs, and gunnel couples in rock holes. As we rounded the corner, a juvenile GPO was strolling along the kelp. It eventually dissapeared into a little crack in the rock/sand. Plainfin midshipmen in the shallows.

Cold but clear and lovely. One of my most recent favourite dives.

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Dive #460 - Es-hw Sme~nts (Oak Leaf) - 23 January 2021

We intended to go in the right bay, but the recent storm threw up huge logs that blocked the way. We went in via the middle bay and exited the left bay. Vis was great. Spotted a crangon right away, then a buffalo sculpin by a pinto abalone. Various stars, including two sunflowers. Two sea spiders (one with eggs) on boot sponges. Yellow-edged cadlina with a weird red circle internally. PSKC hiding upside down under a rock. A leather star and a red urchin that both looked like they'd had a strip taken off them. We looked for lumpsuckers, since there were reports, but didn't find the one on the can. There was a barnacle nudi, though.

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