September 14, 2021

Gall Week 2021!

Dear gall enthusiasts -
Since there is spider week, Cal Coast week, and taco day, we need to have Gall Week! I thought it would be fun to try and document many galls during one week of fall. I think the first week of October could be good, when there should still be plenty of gall in the Bay Area. Are you in?
I will create an iNat project, and I would also like to do some outreach, to tell more people how awesome galls are.
If anyone is interested, we could plan some outings together. I thought it could be nice exploring new places less covered on iNat, target specific gall species, or look for less observed host plants.
Please let me know what you think, if you like (or dislike) the idea, if you’ve got any ideas for locations, gall species, or host species of interest, or if you’ve got suggestions for the t-shirt design :)
Happy fall!
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please feel free to tag more people and spread the word!
Update: the project can be found here -

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April 06, 2020

Meet Your Nature Neighbors!

While sheltering-in-place we can still enjoy nature!
I would like to invite all my local friends to join our new project - Meet Your Nature Neighbors! All you need to do, is make an observation around your home or within walking distance, and share it on our new project -
Each day we will have a challenge - something you need to find that day. But feel free to add any observation you make around your home. Let's see how many species we can find!

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