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February 19, 2020

FJ2: ID and Flight Physiology

6 degrees Fahrenheit and sunny
Wind direction: Southwest
Location: UVM Central Campus and Redstone Campus

This bird walk was done as a group with Allan. When we left the Aiken building, we saw two Rock Pigeons perched on top of the Davis Center. We walked through central campus and did not see any birds until we saw a Ring-billed Gull flying west towards Lake Champlain. We knew it was a Ring-billed Gull based on the fact that it was about a mile inland.

We entered a residential area near Redstone campus and saw a group of House Sparrows in some shrubs by the street. At first, it seemed to be a flock of only males but then some females joined in. They flew in a direct line and beat their wings rapidly. Below them, there was also a female Northern Cardinal in the shrub. She had a brown body with a red beak and reddish wings. We also saw a Tufted Titmouse in the shrubs.

American Goldfinches remained focused mainly on the various birdfeeders around the area. They flew in an undulating pattern that revealed their yellow bellies. Their wings were quite a bit longer than the House Sparrows'.

We also saw one (maybe two) White-breasted Nuthatches clinging to the trunk of a tree. The bird was at least two-thirds up the trunk. This birds' strong hands defied gravity, as it walked along the trunk in whatever direction it fancied, including upside-down.

When we walked closer to Redstone the trees became a bit more dense. Here we saw an enormous amount of American Robins. Some of them were perched on the roof and drank the melting snow water. In that same location we saw a few European Starlings. Their speckled feathers and dark bodies were fluorescent and colorful in the sunlight. There was also the occasional American Crow flying past us.

Lastly, we heard a Woodpecker call as we made our way through a small patch of forest. We did not see the Woodpecker, but its call of rapid knocks was a dead giveaway.

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