October 17, 2023

3rd Nature Walk: Plants!

I went on my 3rd nature walk today, October 17. I took a slow, long walk around the reservoir which ultimately took about an hour. It was quite chilly out today, but I bundled up with a coat. It was overcast the whole hour, but I was more focused on how beautiful and reflective the surface of the water was. I was surprised to identify quite a few new species that I didn’t identify on my 2nd nature walk, which was also around the reservoir. Many of the yellow leaves had fallen, but there were plenty of red and orange leaves still on trees. I was able to come across species of bryophyta, which were more specifically mosses. I also found some gymnosperms that are conifers. I found many angiosperms with a variety of flowers and fruits. I don’t think I found any polypodiopsida. I also saw lots of swans out on the reservoir that looked beautiful per usual. I run the reservoir in the morning multiple times a week, but I always go so quickly that I don’t get a chance to look at the biodiversity around me. Therefore, it was nice to slow down today and recognize just how much diversity there is in this place that I pass by so often.

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October 04, 2023

2nd Nature Walk - Fungi

Today, October 3, I took a nice 50 minute walk with my friend around the Chestnut Hill Reservoir. It was much warmer today than during my first nature walk. The sun beating down on me was slightly uncomfortable, but also a refreshing after a weekend of rain. The first portion of the reservoir that I walked was unshaded and quite sweaty while the second half was cooler because of the shade of the trees. I saw lots of small pink and white flowers and plants growing along the sides of the trail. There were swarms of small white flies all around the path. The water glistened beautifully in the sunlight as swans floated along its surface. I saw the leaves beginning to turn from green to yellows and oranges. I didn’t see many fungi, but I did find a cluster of mushrooms and also some lichen on tree trunks. I saw lots of acorns and fallen leaves along the trail as well. Overall, it was a very calming and enjoyable walk.

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September 26, 2023

First iNaturalist Nature Walk

This afternoon I walked to Hammond Pond. Overall, the walk took about 40 minutes. The weather was comfortable, leaning towards the chilly side. A slight breeze kicked in at some points, and the trees acted as a nice shade. I walked through quite a muddy area scattered with rocks, which I used as stepping stones. Above me was a multitude of tall trees. I saw mostly green leaves, as well as some edges of leaves beginning to turn red and yellow. There were some fallen leaves scattered on the ground, along with lots of acorns. I saw small white and yellow flowers budding off of some plants and even some small fruits dangling from other plants. Many of the leaves were not full and seemed to be eaten through. The pond itself was much higher than I thought it would be, and its surface was covered with something that looked like algae. The air was crisp and cold, which is something I always enjoy about being in nature.

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