Genus Cardinalis (Typical Cardinals) Identification Guide

The Genus Cardinalis has 3 species, found in the Americas.

The Northern Cardinal (Cardinalis Cardinalis) is 21-23.5 centimeters (8.3-9.3 inches) and weighs 33.6-65 grams (1.19-2.29 ounces). This species has a wingspan of 25-31 centimeters (9.8-12.2 inches). The adult male is red, with a black mask, crest, and large, orange beak. The female is brown overall, with a red on the wings, crest, and tail. The young are similar to the adult female, until they molt and grow adult feathers. Various whistled song patterns, Can be found in woodlands, gardens, shrublands, and wetlands. Range map:,

The Vermilion Cardinal (Cardinalis Phoeniceus) is 19 centimeters (7.5 inches) long and weighs 22-42 grams (0.8-1.5 ounces). The Male is red, with a black chin at the base of a hefty grey bill. The female is brown with a grey head, red crest, and red tail. This species also has long feathers on the crown, which are often erect. This cardinal's song is "cheer o-weet-toweet toweet toweet", and its call is a "chip". This species can be found in semi-arid scrublands. Range map:,

The Pyrrhuloxia/ Desert Cardinal (Cardinalis Sinuata) is 21 centimeters (8.3 inches) long and weighs 0.8-1.5 ounces (24-43 grams). This species is grayish-brown with a red crest, mask, and breast. C. Sinuata also has a stout yellow bill. Songs and calls: This species can be found in desert scrub, mesquite thickets, and woodland edges. Range map:,

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