iNaturalist 資料輸入指引

1) 先登記一個iNaturalist戶口,或直接以FB登入。
2) 在”What did you see?”欄輸入物種學名,系統會自動配對後彈出其通用名字,通用名字會以英文為先,倘若該物種曾經有用戶加上中文通用名,例如”豹尺蛾”,那當你輸入”豹尺蛾”後按Look up亦可配對到學名豹尺蛾 (Dysphania militaris),但切記不要同時混合中英輸入”豹尺蛾 (Dysphania militaris)”,這樣反而配對不到。
如遇到系統資料庫未有的物種,那時你會看到”Search external name providers “功能出現,iNaturalist會搜尋其他生物名錄嘗試配對。
3) 如果該物種並非野生,請點選”Was it captive / cultivated?”, 因只有野生物種的觀察才可納入研究級別”Research Grade”資料。
4) 在右手面”Select one or more photos”挑選要上載照片或聲音片段。
5) 挑好後在該位置點選”Sync obs. w/ photo metadata?” 那系統就會採用圖片中的拍照時間,不必再於”When did you see it?”輸入。
6) 在中央左手邊的地圖上方打入你拍照的位置,例如Hongkong Wetland Park, Shatin, Kowloon Tong, 然後enter,地圖會顯示一個可縮放圓框。用戶可按喜好修正圓週的大小(位置準確度)。雖然iNaturalist系統亦會自動屏蔽所有Red List瀕危物種的位置,只有自己可看到,但如果你拍的是珍稀物種,在下建議採用大略位置便好,以免危及該物種安全。
7) Description 一欄是自由輸入的,你可提供有關這次發現的額外資訊及連結等。
8) More field可讓你追加一些額外參數資料, 如物種大小, 昆蟲處於那種狀態等。
9) 最後按Save 完成輸入,如你打算輸入同一地點的其他發現,可按”Save and Add Other”

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Thx Sunny. Much appreciated.

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From Kenichi, I think it applies on sound file too.

"We have a 20 MB cap on all requests, so it doesn't matter how many photos you attach to your observation, you just can't upload more than 20 MB in a single request. However, we also resize every observation photo to a max of 2048x2048 px, so there's really no reason to upload uncropped images form a 20 megapixel sensor, since they'll just get cropped after upload anyway.

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我的地图不能显示,提示Google Maps did not initialize. You may have blocked access to Google Maps with a browser extension or firewall, or something else is blocking access like an Internet Service Provider.

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Hi @chekiangense_long. Try to use apps version.
If you are using PC version, try to use Firefox instead of Google Chrome. Hope it is helpful!

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@sunnetchan thankyou!

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