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June 10, 2016

Obsessed? :-p

I have been doing daily observation for more than 100 consecutive days !
\ (o_o)/

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June 15, 2016

Mid-summer Symphony

Mister Big Black, you hum for whom?
To my glossy first love who likes to zoom.
Let’s jump from here to another tree.
See if there's a good brew we can get for free!

Little Clearwings, you sing for whom?

My song dedicated to the beauty in the classroom.
Do you see her exuvae on the wall?
Do you think she will answer my romantic call?

Golden Romeo, what is your musical tone?
I am praising the tree that I call home.
Her roots has raised and sheltered me,
I beg you also keep my children safe please…

Has anyone see Grassy, with his stained glass wings?
Yes, he’s just emerged and help our choir sing.
We spent years to prepare and welcome this newcomer,
To perform the most wonderful symphony in this summer!

Big Black Cicada (Cryptotympana sp.) 蚱蟬屬 :

Green Clearwing Cicada (Chremistica ochracea) 薄翅蟬 (安蟬) :

Golden Cicada (Platypleura hilpa) 黃蟪蛄 :

Grass Cicada (Mogannia hebes) 綠草蟬 :

PS : Thank you Nicola Newbery and Patrick Kidd for your magical touch on this poem.

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