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July 22, 2017

Hidden iNat Function - Text checklist by the taxonomy order

Thank you Scott for teaching me this! A useful function!

<--- Change the taxa and id name and you can get your own checklist too.

This tool accepts the same URL parameters as /observations, but you must add at least one of the following parameters to use it:

Example: /observations/taxa?place_id=belgium&skip_order=true
Example: /observations/taxa?skip_order=true&user_id=1
Example: /observations/taxa?projects=10&skip_order=true
Example: /observations/taxa?on=2012-01-01&skip_order=true
d1 and d2 (max date range 1 year)
Example: /observations/taxa?d1=2012-01-01&d2=2012-01-30&skip_order=true

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