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November 04, 2017

If You Ever Venture Up These Ways

If you ever decide to go north, then further north, then bravely venture into the real far north (as in north of Awanui / Kaitaia) you will take a step back in time.

Life is slow here just like internet connections and cell phone reception is non existant in places just like some of our nationally critical plants. Even though we are off the beaten track, there are still off the beaten tracks up these ways just waiting for you to explore.

I love my whenua and moana with a passion so feel free to contact me, either with a message in a bottle that will eventurally reach me in the fullness of time or you can always send a message through NW which could reach me quicker. We might be able to meet up and I can show you around or if dates and times don't work out, I can always give you ideas of where to go depending on your interests. We have gumlands, wetlands, dune lakes, dune systems, old forest remnants, harbours, east coast and west coast beaches to name a few of the different ecosystems up here in the real far north.

Seven cars in a queue is peak traffic here but be warned this can horrifyingly double at Christams time so if you look at coming theses ways at that time, be prepared for big queues which can be quite traumatic. Use that time wisely and enjoy the open space and lack of housing, traffic lights, footpaths and people in sight. Get the camera out and start taking obs for here :)

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November 18, 2017

Arabic Volute Eggs

Although there are alot of arabic volute obs I thought this particular obs would be interesting to highlight for us.

That white circle is an arabic volute egg that was photograped in Porirua on the 18 Nov 2017. Now how can we all miss something like that? LOL

Note the Arabic volute egg on another seashell.

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November 26, 2017

Some Beautiful Photos of Marine Eggs

Here is a link that @nzshells sent me that showcases different eggs.

Scroll down and you will find eggs of the Ghost shrimp (Biffarius filholi) (which we do not have even one obs of), the Common triplefin (Forsterygion lapillum), the Lumpfish, or mohiaru (Trachelochismus pinnulatus), the Mottled triplefin, or kokopara (Forsterygion capito), the Warty nudibranch (Doris wellingtonensis) and others. Absolutely stunning!

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