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September 17, 2019

Nature Walk: September 10-17

I conducted my nature walk at Hammond Pond Nature Reserve as well through parts of the Webster Conservation Era. I entered through the main gate of Hammond Pond closest to BC and crossed the T tracks into the much larger Webster Conservation Era. The weather was very nice and the temperature was around seventy degrees. It was sunny outside but the area I walked was primarily shaded. I encountered a variety of organisms ranging from duckweed growing on a stalled creek to bumble bee's pollinating flowers. I even encountered large growths of Nettles, Goldenrods, and even a small growth of Platterful Mushrooms. The most interesting thing about the walk was getting the opportunity to climb semi large rock formations and enjoy a beautiful afternoon outside.

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September 27, 2019

Nature Walk: September 20-27

Today I went for a walk around the Reservoir with my mom and brother (they were visiting for parents weekend). At the very start of the walk we saw a pretty purple flower amongst a sea of uncut grass. It was a cool seventy degrees and a nice sunny day. The walk itself was particularly enjoyable and relaxing. While walking the perimeter I saw a large group of ducks playing at the edge of the water and a butterfly pollinating a yellow flower. Besides that, while walking I found a little dirt path that led back into a wooded area. I went down the path and ended up climbing a tree with my little brother. Once we were finished we continued walking where we came across two different types of berries (pokeberries and Ampelopsis berries). All in all the walk was very interesting and enjoyable.

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