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October 17, 2019

Nature Walk: October 8-17

For this nature walk I explored the paths behind the running trail at the Reservoir. My friend and I conducted the walk at around 3:30 on October 16th. It was fifty six degrees and over cast, the coldest walk I had been on yet. During the walk we saw many small animals and fungi, however, in line with this walk's theme we chose to only take photos of plants we thought were unique. Over the course of our walk we saw plants with yellow flowers, purple flowers, and blue berries (Goldenrods and Toadflax, Hydrangeas, and Buckthorn respectively). One section of the trail broke off and took us to several large rocks. Growing in front of one of them was a Sand Heath. The Sand Heath caught my eye because it looked shockingly similar to a Christmas tree. All in all the walk was a relaxing event and I was pleased with the variety of plants found.

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