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First iNaturalist NZ observation on January 27, 2018 in Nina Valley, Lewis Pass by danilo_hegg danilo_hegg, added January 31, 2018

Last observation on September 29, 2018 in Lake Chalice, Mount Richmond Forest Park, New Zealand by danilo_hegg danilo_hegg

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Source: Observation: Edpercivalia maxima from Nina Valley, Lewis Pass on January 27, 2018 at 11:35 PM by Danilo Hegg View



Edpercivalia McFarlane, 1964


Edpercivalia banksiensis (McFarlane, 1939) McFarlane, 1964
Edpercivalia borealis (McFarlane, 1951) McFarlane, 1964
Edpercivalia cassicola (McFarlane, 1939) McFarlane, 1964
Edpercivalia dugdalei Ward, 1998
Edpercivalia flintorum Ward, 2005
Edpercivalia fusca (McFarlane, 1939) McFarlane, 1964
Edpercivalia harrisoni Wise, 1982
Edpercivalia maxima (McFarlane, 1939) McFarlane, 1964
Edpercivalia morrisi Ward, 1998
Edpercivalia oriens Ward, 1997
Edpercivalia schistaria Ward, 2005
Edpercivalia shandi (McFarlane, 1951) McFarlane, 1964
Edpercivalia smithi Ward, 2005
Edpercivalia spaini McFarlane, 1973
Edpercivalia tahatika Ward, 2005
Edpercivalia thomasoni (McFarlane, 1960) McFarlane, 1964

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