Observation Fields

Observation fields are additional data fields that can be added to observations.

Name Date Added ↓ Datatype Description
Keyed? 02-08-2023 text Has this observation been IDed with a dichotomous key?
SA Wetland HGM Unit 02-08-2023 text Hydorgeomorphic (HGM) Unit - SA Classification System for Wetlands Level 4
Fishing off a boat 02-08-2023 text
DNA Barcode RPB1 02-07-2023 text
standardized habitat description 02-07-2023 text these fields are both shortcut habitat descriptions and also standardized to facilitate searches
Identical observation set 02-07-2023 text Link observations of the same individual (e.g. multiple pictures like stem, leaf, flower); like ‘Similar observation set‘: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/using-the-field-similar-observation-set-for-linking-observations-of-lepidoptera-when-raising-on/1018
DSF pesticide use 02-07-2023 text Provide any information you have about whether this area has been treated with pesticides, including the name of the pesticide if known
DSF Transect 02-07-2023 text Name of DSF Transect
DSF plant butterfly has settled on 02-07-2023 taxon Please provide the name of the plant the butterfly has been observed on
DSF butterfly activity 02-07-2023 text Provide your best guess as to the butterfly activity at the time of your observation
DSF temperature at time of observation 02-07-2023 numeric Temperature in C
Grosor pie (cm) 02-07-2023 numeric Anchura del pie en centímetros
Altura pie (cm) 02-07-2023 numeric Altura del pie en centímetros
Diam. sombrero (cm) 02-07-2023 numeric Diámetro del sombrero en centímetros
Diámetro del sombrero 02-07-2023 numeric Diámetro del sombrero en Cm
Tree ID code 02-06-2023 text Give your tree a codename to identify it by, e.g., GambierDF001
find_a_pest_sector_marine_plants 02-06-2023 text This observation was submitted to iNaturalist by the New Zealand Find-A-Pest app by a user
Perch type 02-06-2023 text
בית גידול: סוג הסביבה 02-06-2023 text אנא מלאו את הסעיף המתאים מטה
Zandvlei Park 02-06-2023 text water, vlei, grass, trees, riet
שדה חקלאי – שם הגידול 02-06-2023 text ניתן לציין את שם הגידול
סביבה - שדה חקלאי 02-06-2023 text
סביבה - מדברית 02-06-2023 text
סביבה - יער 02-06-2023 text
סביבה - עירונית 02-06-2023 text
סביבה - לחה 02-06-2023 text
Growing on 02-06-2023 taxon
Photo Quality 02-05-2023 numeric 1: Very poor. Subject very obscured. 2: Poor. Subject indistinct. 3: Average. Mostly focused. Good as small image. 4: Very good. Subject focused, lit, but background or posture of subject not ideal. 5: Excellent. Crisp focus. Very pleasing.
form crawfordi 02-04-2023 text For Bombus insularis, whether they fit the color form of the synonym "Bombus crawfordi"
横浜自然観察の森 02-04-2023 text
New observation field