Observation Fields

Observation fields are additional data fields that can be added to observations.

Name Date Added ↓ Datatype Description
Needles/fascicle 2022-01-26 numeric Number of pine needles per fascicle
Cone length 2022-01-26 numeric Approximate length of a conifer's cones, in cm
Not near a hollow but young evident 2022-01-25 text
on Hieracium umbellatum 2022-01-25 text Hieracium umbellatum
Chlorosis 2022-01-24 text
SB BBS ID 2022-01-24 text ID number of observation submitted to the Santa Barbara Breeding Bird Study
Evidence of bird breeding event? 2022-01-23 text What links your observation to a breeding event? (Doesn’t include observations of old nests)
Structure nest placed on? 2022-01-23 text If a nest was observed, what tree or shrub species (e.g., Western Sycamore), or physical structure (e.g., building or bridge), was the nest on or in?
Interaction (preying on) 2022-01-23 taxon Subfamily Callichthyinae (hoplos)
Comentari 2022-01-23 text Comentaris d'interès
Certesa 2022-01-23 text Certesa de la identificació
Abundància 2022-01-23 text Densitat de l'espècie en la zona on es troba
Causa siniestro 2022-01-23 text
Posición de aisladores 2022-01-23 text
Tipo de Cruceta 2022-01-23 text
Material del apoyo 2022-01-23 text
Upper portion 2022-01-23 taxon balanidae
Center of image 2022-01-23 taxon gastropod
on Trachelospermum asiaticum 2022-01-23 text Trachelospermum asiaticum
Eating fruit/seeds of 2022-01-22 taxon
Observed biotic and abiotic pressures 2022-01-21 text The proximate human activities or processes that have impacted, are impacting, or may impact the vegetation type.
Ecological integrity 2022-01-21 text Ecological condition refers to the extent to which the composition, structure and function of an area or biodiversity feature has been modified from a reference condition of natural.
Plant Phenology (iNat Attribute) 2022-01-21 text Workaround for the iNat app which doesn't enable Annotations until the observation is uploaded. Once the observations have been uploaded and properly annotated this field should be removed.
Micro-reservas naturais na Lousã 2022-01-21 text Designação abreviada da micro-reserva que poderá vir a incluir o local onde foi realizada a observação. (LSA: Lousã / N2k: Natura 2000 / BFV: Baldios de Vilarinho)
SeadragonSearch 2022-01-21 text Has this image been added to the SeadragonSearch database?
EwA - Featured 2022-01-20 text Observations marked for use in EwA content
Left entry 2022-01-20 text Side of the entrance of the nest
Right entry 2022-01-20 text Side of the entrance of the nest
Tree ID # 2022-01-20 text Internal organization system using a unique identifier per organism.
on Acer palmatum var. dissectum 2022-01-20 text Acer palmatum var. dissectum
New observation field