Amy Padgett

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NOTE:A lot of identifiers just want to identify without dealing with thank yous, etc, so please note that I'm not going to put a bunch of thank yous in the comments anymore. I really do appreciate it when folks go to the trouble of identifying my observations, so I want to be as respectful as possible and not annoy them. So THANK YOU to all identifiers.
Now on to my profile: I got my first Peterson's Field Guide to the Birds when I was 6 and have been interested in nature and biology ever since. While my husband is a wildlife biologist, I simply enjoy nature and make an effort to go birding and observe nature in general most days... My work background was with computers (large networks/systems) so it's nice to find a way to observe nature and track my observations via iNaturalist and eBird. I wish I could say that I'm an expert in some area but alas, I'm just an interested nature observer trying to learn.

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