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A lifelong nature lover, in 2021 I finally uprooted my life and went to uni to follow my passion, starting a BSc in Conservation and Ecology at Lincoln: two years down, one to go!

Some projects:

In the summer break between 2021 and 2022 I undertook an invertebrate inventory of Orana Wildlife Park and the surrounding area as a summer scholarship project, and as a mere amateur, iNat was a powerful tool for rapidly cataloguing and identifying my findings.

In the summer of 2022–3, I was tasked with curating and identifying approximately 1,700 invertebrate specimens associated with Aciphylla communities, which had been collected by Mike Bowie (and many others!) in the process of surveying the eastern South Island for the critically endangered Hadramphus tuberculatus.

In February 2023 I reorganised the LUNZ collection of noctuoid families to reflect the currently accepted taxonomy.

I am also currently working on an Identification guide to the common coleoptera of the Boyle River area.

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