Ellura Sanctuary

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Ellura Sanctuary is located in the Murray Mallee Region in SA, near Swan Reach Conservation Park, SA.

We are ameteurs, not professionals, but spend as much free time as possible identifying wildlife in our area.
Our web site is ad' free and there to help others identify their specimens.

If you are on facebook we also have a closed/private group called "Friends of Ellura". You need to answer some questions to join. Posts are limited to South Australia only because the other States are so rich in wildlife resources and we figure we need to catch up here.

We'd like to thank all the people that id, confirm or correct our id's. We try to thank everyone on our website with the species description, but it's actually a bigger job than you'd think.
If we miss a tag or question, please message us. We always respond, so if we don't we have not seen it, or it got lost while pondering on an answer. We get a lot of notifications!


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