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After writing a field guide to local wildflowers & grasses with my botanist companion, I got interested in tiny plants - bryophytes. Bought books and microscopes, attended workshops, and collected near my home in Williamsburg, Virginia. With more panache than actual knowledge or experience, I added a few bryophytes to a little field guide about ferns. For the past 5 years my goal is to collect and identify bryophytes in Virginia's Coastal Plain. Many such counties are undercollected, probably because tidewater Virginia is not the best habitat for these shade- and moisture-loving taxa.

Broke right shoulder (dominant) Dec 15 now in rehab for new one. Since I am older this year than last, most collecting will cease or slow way down. My goal now is to get all my photomicrographs of bryophytes safely embedded into INaturalist. Should take me most of this year 2022.
Well, fell again and broke another bone in April 2022. Now back to work to finish this project in 2023 and a few months beyond.

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