Justin Williams

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(I like spiders.)

I'm a nature/photography enthusiast based in Austin Texas with a particular interest in arthropods, especially spiders. I enjoy macro photography because it lets us share the fascinating and beautiful intricacies of the natural world on a level that can't be seen with the naked eye. I also hope to help document the wonderful biodiversity of Texas and my little corner of it here in Austin.

I do not have any formal education in entomology/arachnology but I have been interested in spiders for 10+ years and I am always learning. I always appreciate any correction or explanation on my observations or identifications. Likewise, feel free to ask if you'd like me to explain why I chose a particular ID.

If you like spiders too, check out my list of interesting spiders!

For a super great book on spiders and arachnids, check out Amazing Arachnids by Jillian Cowles

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