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Favorites from higher plants to birds, and then -- when I grew older -- all wild creatures, especially local (in Shandong Province) ones.
Feel free to ask me if you are willing to. Welcome to add annotations and fields to my observations, or invite me to some project.
Major in life sciences. (If you can provide ecology-related MPhil/PhD opportunities please contact me🤣)
1 - Most of the observations (=obs.) are with no location and accuracy info, so I add them, based on website(s) finding latitude & longitude, and my memory. If the website(s) cannot match satellite map with layer of roads well, I usually choose to follow the former.
2 - All microscope photos (ALMOST ALL 400×) are with no EXIF info, so I just add their date instead of adding date & time.
3 - When IDing parasites, please pay attention to observation fields to ensure the host if necessary.

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