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To gain greater understanding of the ecology and population dynamics of oceanic manta rays (Mobula birostris) in New Zealand waters, and contribute towards national and international management projects to conserve them, promote local awareness of mantas, and foster collaboration.

To achieve our goal, Manta Watch New Zealand is working to meet the following objectives:
(1) Determine whether the oceanic manta rays seen in New Zealand's waters are seasonal visitors, or their own distinct population.
(2) Establish and maintain an interactive citizen science platform whereby verified manta ray sightings data can be shared, centralised, and catalogued.
(3) Determine the impact of environmental variables, temporal and planktonic data on manta ray sightings.
(4) Identify critical use habitats / aggregation hotspots and associated behaviours.
(5) Develop a robust photo-identification database of individual manta rays.
(6) Assist with collaborative satellite tagging projects.

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