Barbara Banfield

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I work as a naturalist at McClellan Ranch Park in Cupertino, California. From the time the De Anza expedition passed through this area with their cattle in 1776 through the next 200 years, ranching and farming altered the mix of species found here. In 1976 the park was designated a nature preserve and gradually, through the efforts of jays and squirrels planting acorns and volunteers replacing invasive non-native plants with species native to the watershed, the landscape is again changing. With the help of others I'd like to document what is here and in the adjacent Blackberry Farm Park and Golf Course and Stocklmeir property. In all, the City of Cupertino owns 60 acres of open space along Stevens Creek. I will post observations and journal entries regarding this area. Please check out the McClellan Ranch Facebook page to learn what's going on there.

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