Mike Peters

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I was born and grew up in Invercargill, NZ. Holidays were always in the bush or camping and often both.

After leaving home I worked for many years in heavy engineering making things out of metal. Then got smitten by portrait sculpting, building sets and landscaping. I spent 10 years designing and building Pipi, a very early cloud computing platform for community-led biodiversity conservation in NZ. Did a spot of film and TV. Got swept into the community response to the Christchurch Earthquakes along with many others.

Returned to Invercargill to create Mt Chocolate, a home, art and nature conservation project combined with long-term science observation of ecosystem emergence as a feedback loop.

I'm self-taught and enjoy tinkering, designing, inventing and discovering. The patterns of nature fascinate me - nature being a book to be read not a book to be written.

Currently the architect/developer on a cloud computing platform for science.

Home http://www.mtchocolate.com

Art Studio http://www.redworks.co.nz
Software Architecture http://www.blog.ajabbi.com

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