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I spent the first 25 years of my life in Zimbabwe, working part-time in the QVM (Hon Ornithologist) and spending as much time in the bush as possible.
This buffalo was my earliest observation on iNat, when I was 14, and probably one of the earliest observations on iNat that was self-observed and photographed.
I went through UCR and UR (Zoology, Botany & Ecology), then 3 in Oxford with the AERG looking at water voles for my DPhil. I taught in the Vet School of UQ for 30 years and am now retired in Brisbane, Australia. I started out in birds but I am now interested in all aspects of natural history. I was the editor of The Queensland Naturalist for 25 + years. We try to get one overseas trip a year (prior to COVID, of course) but there are lots of interesting places waiting for a visit.
["nyoni" is isiZulu for bird]
My images are cropped and reduced in size - if anyone wants to use them please contact me for the originals.
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