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I joined NatureWatch/Mātaki Taiao circa 31 August 2017 on a separate, since-deleted account after being directed from a WeedBusters page. I also really like the Roadkill New Zealand project.

Kāi Tahu-Kāti Māmoe
Kāi Rakiāmoa, Kāti Kaweriri, Kāti Ruahikihiki

I am considered a kaiwhakapapa of sorts within my whānau; the homelands of my tīpuna are in traditional Murihiku, where I wish to return to - meanwhile, I acknowledge the Ngāti Wairangi, Ngāti Tūmatakōkiri, and Ngāti Waewae history in the area. One way I do this is through understanding what creatures were available that they may have used as they travelled through the surrounding valleys, and that's where Mātaki Taiao comes in.

I disapprove of the modern usage of 'Aotearoa' (as opposed to traditional usage i.e already-existing) as it's certainly a pākehā misconception, and therefore not a part of our Revival. It's equivalent to addressing all of North America as the USA!

In terms of environmental/biological qualifications, I completed the "Introduction to Botany and Plant Nursery Production" as a fees free course with Open Polytechnic in 2020 specifically to align with my interests in nature since rejoining iNaturalist NZ.


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Map focus on Reefton, New Zealand
Harakeke is growing everywhere here.

Bottled Lightning Powerhouse Walk
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Reefton Walkway
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Below are easy links to see how local observations get moved through the system - you begin to see how photo quality and what parts of an organism are photographed play a big part in what makes an observation research grade. 🙂 Most of my older observations were done with 14MP phone cameras, newer ones are 16MP and it's still not 'the best', but hey. Feel free to ID any of mine to a level you feel most comfortable with.

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