Adam Searcy Curator

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I'm a field biologist who grew up in Ventura and Santa Barbara Counties, California. I enjoy finding things that I don't know and trying to figure out what they are.

I'm a birder, plant nerd, aspiring macrofungiologist, and lover of fishes, invertebrates, etc. Biodiversity is one of the few things that gets me out of bed every day. I spend as much of my time as is/isn't feasible tracking down interesting organisms. I especially like looking for rare birds, Calochortus lilies, Monkeyflowers, fungi, herps, and interesting weeds.

Most of my current field work involves surveys for birds and plants but I've worked on projects involving fish, mammals, reptiles and amphibians, insects, and worked in avian and botanical specimen collections.

Note: Some of my photographs will be of plucked/pulled organisms (usually plants) as some of my work involves collecting voucher specimens. These will be deposited in museums/herbaria for research purposes and were/are not wantonly yanked up for no reason

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