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15 years old as of mid 2023, my strength is identifying native dicots of podocarp/broadleaf forests.
Self taught.

I have taken a recent interest in New Zealand's great diversity of insects (I’m particularly interested in Lepidoptera), for the last month and a half I have been trying to observe as many insect species as possible it usually takes me about a month more or less from observing a species to uploading it so I you may notice an increase in observations off insects soon.
In the last month I have also started raising caterpillars, while doing so I have been testing and documenting which host plant/plants each species prefers. (This paragraph was written on 29 of February 2024),

Some people may have noticed that I favourite a lot of observations especially my own, the reason I favourite a lot of obs I’d because I favourite every obs I want to come back to later.

Feel free to ask me questions about my observations.
If you want better photos of a certain insect, plant, fungi… just let me know what part you want better photos of even if it’s just a better photo of the whole specimen. If it is an animal of fungi I’ll get better photos of the part specified the next time I see it (the next time I see that species), for a plant in will try to get the better photos of the same plant observed the next chance I get to go to the location it was found.

Sorry if anything I have written doesn’t make sense, I’m not good at talking online.

Sarisa muriferata (Hook-tip Fern Looper)

New Zealand mantis

Bull kelp

Red admiral

Mahoe striper moth…

All my photos for observations are taken with an iPhone although I do commonly attach a macro lens.

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