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I am Zoology123 and I have many interests and hobbies. Photographing nature being a big one. I enjoy trying to photograph as many species as i can find, but my main focus is invertebrates like spiders and insects. This is because they are so diverse, easier to find, and easier to photograph. But all in all I will photograph pretty much anything alive. While i do try to get quality photos, my main goal is more to catalog what species i see the most. So if the photo is decent enough for an ID I will upload it.

Photos were taken by:
July 2013 - May 2016 Samsung Galaxy S3
June 2016 - Early May 2018 Samsung Galaxy S7
Early May 2018 - Now Samsung Galaxy S9+

Yearly Review
2021 2020 2019 2018 2017 2016 2014 2013

Some of my other hobbies/interests:
Coin Collecting, Metal & Mineral Collecting, Geography & Mapping, Paper Modeling, Technology, Architecture, Economics, Epidemiology, Statistics and World History.

For Identifications.
I can really only confidently ID insects and spiders in the United States.
If your looking for species IDs i'm probably not the one you should ask, but I am fairly decent at IDing spiders and beetles to family.
If i'm wrong about something please correct me, I'm only a basic amateur.

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Other interesting stuff I've done.

The Great BIG Sheet of my Nature Observations.

List of invasive species of the United States.

List of Holocene Extinctions.

List of weird named species.

Really interesting or weird observations i have favorited.

Great Resources.

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