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Cambridge Natural History icon

Cambridge Natural History

A record of nature from around Cambridgeshire. If anyone wants to help manage/curate send me a message.
Clandon Park Conservation Management icon

Clandon Park Conservation Management

Clandon Park Conservation Management is an ongoing project aimed at recording data from observations, docum...
E5 10xGreener icon

E5 10xGreener

To create a record of all the species in E5 and to see what happens when you make space for nature. Working...
Festival of Nature: Bristol & Bath City Region Recorders icon

Festival of Nature: Bristol & Bath City Region Recorders

Starting out of the City Nature Challenge 2018, this project is tracking ongoing wildlife recording in the ...
Flora in Grasmere icon

Flora in Grasmere

The flora mentioned in Dorothy Wordsworth's Grasmere Journal.
Harlaxton College Flora and Fauna icon

Harlaxton College Flora and Fauna

The project will document the plants, animals and fungi of the campus of Harlaxton College near Grantham, E...
Imperial MSc 2017 BioBlitz at Kew Gardens icon

Imperial MSc 2017 BioBlitz at Kew Gardens

One day BioBlitz in Kew Gardens to train Imperial College Msc students on iNaturalist.
Kent Countryside icon

Kent Countryside

This project is for all things located within the area of Kent UK. Most contribution will be from public p...
Kent springtails icon

Kent springtails

Collembola (springtails) in the UK county of Kent. These are gathered here so they can be more easily be ad...
North Devon Seashore icon

North Devon Seashore

Collaborate and share species found on the beautiful North Devon Coast
Sail Britain Norfolk bioblitz 2017 icon

Sail Britain Norfolk bioblitz 2017

Biodiversity data records from the Sail Britain Coastline Project voyage around the Norfolk Broads, 27th-29...
Somerset Rare Plants Group icon

Somerset Rare Plants Group

A trial for data management and presentation. Records gained on visits with Somerset Rare Plants Group in ...
Tracking Terrapins in Cambridgeshire icon

Tracking Terrapins in Cambridgeshire

Terrapins are an invasive species in the UK, they often find their way into local waterways after growing t...
Wharncliffe Wildlife icon

Wharncliffe Wildlife

Wildlife sightings in the (slightly arbitrary) area covered by the Wharncliffe Wildlife blog (http://wharnc...
Wildlife of Rotherhithe icon

Wildlife of Rotherhithe

Help us catalogue the wildlife of the Rotherhithe peninsula! Rotherhithe, which means "cattle water", was o...
Wildlife of the New Forest icon

Wildlife of the New Forest

A survey of the fauna of the New Forest region of southern England. This exceptional area is home to a numb...
Wild Walcot icon

Wild Walcot

To gather information about the wildlife species in Walcot Street, Bath and the surrounding area
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