Florida Euphorbia species

Provided below is a list of the Euphorbia species of Florida. I have provided a little additional information on the species outside of section Anisophyllum and section Nummulariopsis. I will write a separate journal post for section Anisophyllum and have already written one for section Nummulariopsis (which can be found here). Links: iNaturalist Florida species list, Atlas of Florida plants, BONAP, Flora of North America.

Subgenus Esula

E. commutata - Annual; dichasial bracts opposite; angles of fruits essentially smooth; native.
E. peplus- Annual; dichasial bracts opposite; angles of fruit with two wings; introduced.
E. trichotoma - Perennial; dichasial bracts alternate.

Section Poinsettia

Lower leaves alternate, stems glabrous
E. cyathophora - Bracts typically red basally, linear or broader; glands oblong, 1 per cyathium.
E. pinetorum - Bracts typically red basally, linear; glands oblong, 3 or more per cyathium
E. heterophylla - Bracts green (sometimes whitish basally); glands circular.
Lower leaves opposite, stems hairy
E. davidii - Seeds slightly angled, tubercles unevenly distributed.
E. dentata - Seeds essentially round in crossection, tubercles evenly distributed.

Section Alectoroctonum

Glands 2-4 per cyathium
E. graminea
Glands 5 per cyathium
Most petaloid appendages as long as the glands are wide or shorter
E. curtisii - Cyathia green, glands green or yellowish, petaloid appendages present and typically white, sometimes fading pinkish; leaves not succulent.
E. exserta - Cyathia dark purple, glands dark purple, petaloid appendages essentially absent or if present, dark purple; leaves not succulent.
E. polyphylla - Cyathia green, glands red, petaloid appendages white; leaves appearing succulent.
Petaloid appendages at least 2-3 times as long as the glands are wide or longer
E. pubentissima - Leaves lanceolate or wider, not revolute.
E. discoidalis - Leaves linear to ocassionally ovate, revolute.

Introduced species from other sections (succulent)

E. milii - Stems thorny
E. tirucalli - Stems smooth

Section Nummulariopsis

E. inundata var. inundata
E. inundata var. garretii
E. floridana
E. rosescens
E. telephioides

Section Anisophyllum

E. blodgettii
E. bombensis
E. cordifolia
E. cumulicola
E. deltoidea
E. garberi
E. hirta
E. humistrata
E. hypericiolia
E. hyssopifolia
E. lasiocarpa
E. maculata
E. mendezii
E. mesembryanthemifolia
E. nutans
E. ophthalmica
E. pergamena
E. polygonifolia
E. porteriana
E. prostrata
E. serpens
E. thymifolia

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@jaykeller Hopefully this will be helpful. I hope to get the one for Sect. Anisophyllum up soon too, but since Florida is the state I'm least familiar with, it could take a little while.

Posted by nathantaylor about 5 years ago

This is great! Excellent work, and appreciated by me. I look forward to exploring for Euphorbs when I get out there in August.

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Just noticed you may want to add pergamena to the Anisophyllum list. :-)

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Good catch!

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