Guidance for submitting an excellent package of reptile and amphibian images to ensure accurate identification.

Identification of reptiles and amphibians is not always trivial and often requires images containing much details. To identify reptiles we use several features including body plan, relative length of tail, pattern, scale counts at mid-body, ventral scute counts, scale ornamentation, as well as head, belly, anal region and rear limb scalation. The more features there are presented, more reliable the identification can be.


When taking images of reptiles and amphibians it is always useful to place a scale reference near the animal. To make identification as precise as possible please submit high resolution images that will clearly demonstrate the following:

  1. General body plan.
  2. Head scalation and pattern (4 views: frontal, dorsal, lateral and vetral )
  3. Mid-body Scalation and Pattern (3 views: dorsal, lateral and ventral)
  4. In lizards anal and femoral region scalation and pattern (3 views: dorsal, lateral and ventral is the most important)
  5. Tail scalation and pattern (3 views: dorsal lateral and ventral)

Submit all images of the molt to this project along with the geographic and time details.

Please feel encouraged to submit an observation in any case, but remember, detailed illustrations greatly enhance our ability to make some identifications and are very much appreciated

Have fun

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