An appeal for more common names

I came across this blog post written by a British moth-er, discussing names of moths and how there are few widely known and accepted names for micro moths. I think it's a really good post and an appeal worthy of consideration.

We should be working towards widely-accepted common names for all of our moths. I've certainly thought of a few names that seemed more fitting to me than the one that is currently accepted, and I've also thought of a few names for moths that only have scientific names for now.

Can you think of any good ones?

What are your favorite moths names that already exist?

(I'll throw out there, my mother-in-law, who has attended a few of our moth-ing nights, loves the Festive Midget's name. She also thinks the Diabolical Fungus Moth is a pretty good one.)

Posted by zdufran zdufran, January 22, 2019 14:56


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