Goodeniaceae [Geelong and district]

The GFNC Plant Group project for the next month will be to locate and identify Goodeniaceae species within the Geelong region. The project dimension wil be amemdned to filter for this plant family. Below are some details related to the family and a table listing main diagnostic feature for each species.

Characteristics of Goodeniaceae:

  1. Single terminal head surrounded by an involucre of green bracts
  2. Leaves mostly basal and rosetted
  3. Flowers have 5 sepals
  4. Corolla is tubular with 5 lobes
  5. Stamens are 5 with the anthers united into a tube around the style
  6. The tip of the style has a yellow pollen-collecting indusium (cup-like structure with a fringe of hairs) that encloses the stigma. Pollen is shed, before the flower opens, into the indusium.
  7. The style exceeds the corolla tube
  8. The fruit is a nut enclosed in the persistent hairy calyx

Species Flowering time Scape Flowers Leaves Fruit
Brunonia australis Blue Pincushion Oct-Jan 2-21 cm with appressed hairs In a head, blue Surfaces silky and long-hairy

Goodenia geniculata Bent Goodenia Sep-Jan Bracteoles to 10mm long. Stems to 25 cm long, hairy, sometimes stoloniferous. After flowering (and before seeds mature) they bend at a knee-like joint towards the ground. Yellow, solitary. 5 winged lobes with two in an upper lip and three in a lower lip. Indusium strongly to weakly folded. Initially hairy, margins toothed. Basal leaves tufted. Capsule that splits open . Seeds are flat with a rim.

Goodenia gracilis Slender Goodenia Sep-Jan. Heavy soils Stems 50cm long, glabrous Bracteoles 1-2 mm long Terminal. High above leaves. Indusium notched and folded. Thick and entire.

Goodenia humilis Swamp Goodenia Nov-Mar in damp sites. Bracteoles 3-4 mm long. Short pedicel. Indusium square or transversely oblong. Flowers yellow, in clusters. Thick, glabrescent. Margins entire or toothed. Basal leaves tufted. Capsule that splits open . Seeds are flat with a rim.

Goodenia lanata Trailing Goodenia Sep-Mar Bracteoles 3-5 mm long. Indusium transversely oblong, slightly folded. Flowers yellow, solitary. Surfaces soft-hairy. Margins entire or toothed. Basal leaves few, not tufted. Stems to 50 cm long, creeping, often root at nodes. Capsule that splits open. Seeds are flat with a rim.

Goodenia pinnatifida Cut-leaf Goodenia Sep-Dec Brisbane Ranges Yellow. Similar to Spur Velleia but lacks nectary spur at flower base. Decumbent. Root-suckering. Leaves mostly basal.

Goodenia ovata Hop Goodenia Oct-Mar Bracteoles 1.5-6 mm long. Indusium depressed-ovate. Flowers yellow, in clusters. Thin, minutely glandular, margins finely-toothed. Capsule that splits open. Seeds are flat with a rim.

Scaevola albida Small-fruit Fan-flower Oct-Jan near-coastal scrub Sessile in leafy terminal spikes. Flowers pale blue or white. Corolla tube split to the base, lobes fan-like. Corollas pubescent, longer hairs fringe the lower margins of the lobes and styles are hairy. Thin, margins entire or toothed. Surfaces soft-hairy. Dry or drupe-like and does not split open. Seeds are ovoid (never flattened)

Scaevola calendulaceae Dune Fan-flower All year. Coastal sand dunes Leafy spikes. Flowers bright blue. Thick, margins mostly entire. Soft-hairy. White or purplish, succulent drupe-like and does not split open. Seeds are ovoid (never flattened)

Selliera radicans Shiny Swamp-mat Oct-Apr coastal saltmarsh, wet areas near lakes and streams Pedicels or short racemes Reddish-brown outside, whitish inside. Corolla tube split on one side. Spreading lobes are unwinged. Hand-shaped. Flat, succulent, spathulate, glossy. Fleshy, not splitting open. Seed with swollen mucilaginous wing

Velleia paradoxa Spur Velleia Sep-Feb
Grassland and grassy woodland. To 60 cm Yellow, sparsely hairy inside. Indusium ovate. Spur on each flower base. Looks like Cut-leaf Goodenia. Virtually glabrous Capsule compressed-ovoid. Conspicuously winged.

Thanks for Lorraine for preparing these notes.

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